Important Announcement regarding pricing

After 9 years of trying to keep my costs down, I am afraid I need to raise my rates! As of May 1st, a 15 minute reading will be $30, a half hour reading will be $60, etc. Other rates are available upon request.

House Parties

So you say you want a party in your own home? No problem! As Long as you are in the five boroughs of New York and if you are willing to pay for my travel, out of state Is also a possibility (depending on where). Please call for pricing and Info! Pricing for the party itself In the Five Boroughs is $135.oo an hour with a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 5. In that time you may ask me to read as many people as you want. If you know a set amount of people I might be able to suggest to you how best to utilize the time ( as I have read as many as 30 people in a 2 and 1/2 hour period).

Phone Readings

Phone readings are also a possibility! Call Dreams East at 516 656 4790 ahead for time availability and to give them your credit card info (readings are done after reciept of payment only). For phone readings, If we have never met I also suggest you send along a recent picture.

If you are Interested In Neil’s Special Reading Healing sessions Please contact him By phone for Pricing and availability.

Sacred Taoist Calligraphy

The art of Taoist written spell Magick is conveyed by the practitioner in focusing his or her Chi (Energy) along with there Yi (will or intent) through the brush and into the character they are writing. The color normally used is red. In Taoism red is the color of Magick and Life Force (Xue). The materials, all specially prepared and blessed, Dragons Blood Ink, rice paper, and brushes are only used for the writing of the Sacred Texts. As sacred tools they help to produce an Energy wave when used to write a prayer spell.

This Energy vibrates out influencing the Environment causing the desired effect conveyed by the Characters. This Advanced form of Fung Shui relies primarily on the training, intent and chi of the Practitioner. This allows the recipient to use their own intuitive powers and place the scroll where ever they think it will do the most good. For example a spell to heal someone would be placed near there bed as opposed to in the “Health Corner” as in Black Hat Fung Shui.Great faith is put into these writings. They are sought throughout the orient as Help aids and as Art.My art is avaiabel at Dreams East in Sea Cliff.

Rev. Neil Mac Pherson Having trained in the Taoist arts for the past 30 years now offers his skills to you. Along with what is presented here, custom calligraphy can be done on request.

As with all magikal practices the amount of personal energy directed at the situation one wishes to influence and the will of the Gods are things That Must be taken into consideration. Although No guarantees can be made, having a tool which is tapping into the collective history of every other spell ever done utilizing these characters and Techniques over the last several thousand years is a powerful thing to have on your side.


Sunset Park, Sea Cliff NY

We are offering a simple Signature Service at Dreams East for $75. Walk in’s are welcome and we can even provide a witness! We also offer Elopement and Specials at Sunset Park in historic Sea Cliff for $150.! More Romantic than City Hall With Weekend and evening availability. It’s a beautiful location and a long overdue addition to Rev. Neil’s services! Call 516-313-6567 or contact Neil directly!