How I work

Serving Nassau, Suffolk, Brooklyn, Queens, & NYC

The future is not set in stone but, is ever changing like water!

Clairvoyants “see”, clairaudients “hear” and although I do both of these, I prefer to work with energy, or Chi. Being clairsentient means the barrage of pictures, feelings, scents, and memories are sometimes difficult to sort. Energy provides a clearer picture. I enter a person’s energy field with what will look like a kind of palmistry and an aura reading. Once I am in their field, I spend a few minutes telling them about themselves and giving them “what I get” from them. As I am trained in classical Chinese medicine, this can include aspects of health and sometimes psychological insights.

While I can cover past lives, I prefer to let them manifest on their own. If they are important, they will come up. I also speak with the other side, which includes animals, humans as well as spirit guides and other entities during which a question and answer format usually works best (another way of clairsentient sorting). After delivering to you the information which has been given to me for you, I will answer your questions. You can ask about anything or anyone you wish! The more specific questions yield better answers. If you disagree with me, please let me know, as it could be my wording. I will rephrase my answer and if you still disagree I will not insist that I am correct although sometimes later on, things fit better in retrospect. What I see may differ from what you see for many reasons.

Readings should be enjoyable. We can work on serious issues or muse on fun topics! I am here to help, and to give you whatever information I can.

Please call Locations for Pricing. Cash or credit cards accepted.

I offer private readings, healings and counseling in my home in Central Bethpage, Please use the Contact page here for booking information or call 516 313 6567 or e-mail me directly at for more information.