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4sRev. Neil MacPherson Tarotmancer
Hi I am Reverend Neil MacPherson, I work as a fulltime Psychic and Healer. I am what is called a Clairsentient, someone who can sense and interpret energy and use it to "read" people. I am also a Taoist priest,Tantric Teacher, Ordained Minister, and Chinese Way Chi Lo Fa healer. (Projecting my own energy to heal others) As well as an Eastern Medical Intuitive I am well versed in the use of herbs and many other hands on healing modalities.
With The Rev. April Gismondi we are the Co-founders of The Church of Ancient Ways.
il has been psychic all of his life. After watching him heal animals and commune with nature spirits, at age 11 his Hungarian grandmother gave him his first deck of Tarot cards. Neil's work helping others began at this young age and has been his life's mission ever since. Spending Over Thirty Years Studying Taoism and Chinese Mysticism And Classical Healing Modality's.
His stunning presence and amazing accuracy have helped thousands to take charge of their lives, their homes, and their futures, and at the same time let go of things that are not their burdens to carry."

Dreams East, Is In Beautiful Sea Cliff ( A very mystical and Haunted Place!!).The store is at 359 Sea Cliff Ave.
We are all Very Excited and look to see you all there Soon!!
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For Further informantion or to contact Neil Directly Call 516-313-6567

The wheel Moves Yet again and I am Now Offering, Once again, Private Readings, Healings and Counseling In my New Home Which is In Central Bethpage, BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!! PLease Call 516 313 6567 For further Info Or E-Mail me at the Address Below!!

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